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Sterlink Plus - Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Sterlink Plus - Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Experience the advantages of STERLINK next-generation environmentally friendly low-temperature plasmasterilization technology.


Gentle on Medical Devices
Sterilization under 140 F is safe for moisture and heat-sensitive instruments 


Convenient Operation 

Provides two pre-programmed cycles that can automatically complete a cycle with one touch.


Fast, Cost Effective, and Eco Friendly
14–36 minute cycles with no cooling or drying time reducing operating, installation, and cycle costs with minimal maintenance.


Compact size
The convenient tabletop footprints
of both the STERLINK Plus allow it to be
used anywhere, making them ideal
for clinics of any size.


Safer For Staff and Patients
Unlike other sterilizers, STERLINK does not release toxic gases or use harmful sterilants such as Ethylene Oxide


Innovative plasma sterilization technology verified through 

patents and research papers



Total size (W x D x H):                            17.1 x 24.2 x 17.2 in 
Chamber size  (W x D x H):                  10.4 x 16.1 x 4.9 in 
Chamber volume:                                   3.7 gal 
Pump type:                                                Built-in Stand

Weight:                                                       128 lbs

Cycle time:                                                STERLOAD™: 36 minutes
                                                                       STERPACK™ Plus: 14 minutes


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