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Infusion Pumps

Infusion Pumps

Epsimed Infusion Pump ZNB-XAII 

The Epsimed infusion pump is a high-quality medical equipment that works with a curvilene peristaltic mechanism, which together with the built-in ultrasonic detector, allows in real time: to know with high precision the volume administered to the patient. The status of alarms, such as occlusion, the air in the line low battery, and malfunction system, among others.


The occlusion pressure is to be shown in real time. It has Nurse Call The user can set up the night mode for more confortability At the Epsimed Infusion pump, the user can set up the power saving mode. The battery volumen is on display Battery life time at a volume of 25 milliliters per hour It is approximately 5 hours. The heating temperature can be shown in real-time


Syringe Pump KL-602

It can be used when precise and long-lasting injections are required. It can be widely used in various clinical treatments such as conventional intravenous injection, injection of anesthetics, and injection of anticoagulant drugs for chemotherapy treatment in cancer patients, among other applications.


The Epsimed Syringe Pump offers a self-test feature when it is turned on. Therefore, the user will have the necessary information displayed on the LCD screen, in order to verify or adjust them for the normal and programmed operating conditions

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