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INFIMED - Surgical and Treatment Lights

INFIMED - Surgical and Treatment Lights

The operating lights INFIMED NEXUS and PROXY and treatment lights INFIMED ONYX with LED light source are distinguished by innovative technology and modern design. The small weight, ergonomic light heads as well as comfortable handles enable easy and precise setup and positioning of the operating light during surgery.


Waterproof, resistant to environmental factors design and smooth surfaces guarantee ease of disinfection and maintenance for perfect hygiene.


The ergonomic shape of the light minimizes disruption of laminar airflow in the operating theatre. The light head are closed construction, composed of solid, permanently assembled elements.


Low power consumption and high efficiency of LED light sources, provide measurable economic benefits by reducing maintenance costs of the operating theater.


Long lifetime of LED technology light sources, estimated at over 50,000 hours, several times exceeds conventional light sources. There is no frequent replacement of the light sources, significantly reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

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