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Durable Medica Equipment

Durable Medica Equipment

Bari+Max DB600 Bariatric HD Long-Term Care Bed is a durable, one-piece steel bedframe designed for long-term care use. The Long-Term Care Bed can be used with a variety of pressure redistribution mattresses to accommodate bariatric patients.


Visco-Gel Infused Foam Mattress is a multi-layered mattress featuring variable-density foam providing optimized pressure redistribution and rapid heat dissipation with air channels for improved air flow.


Airfloat Deluxe is a convenient, medical grade air mattress designed with user comfort in mind. The mattress is equipped with a digital air pump and digital air pressure controls to directly customize the firmness of the mattress. The Airfloat Deluxe has three settings: static mode, which is ideal for patient transfers, alternating mode, which provides cell inflation for pressure redistribution, and a seat function, which helps prevent pressure on the sacrum.

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