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CS-200 Excellence Stress System

CS-200 Excellence Stress System

The Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Excellence Stress System with Treadmill is equipped with the latest technology and superior diagnostic tools, from 16-lead acquisition to HyperQ Analysis, CS-200 Excellence provides high performance and decision-making support for the busy hospital environment.


The Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Excellence Stress System provides complete diagnostic services, including:

  • 12-channel Resting ECG.
  • Automatic ECG measurements and interpretation (adult and pediatric).
  • QT Dispersion.
  • 12-channel full disclosure Exercise ECG with ST monitoring and rhythm monitoring.
  • Fully integrated data management system.
  • Connection to network systems.
  • Resting rhythm recording.

The open system of the Cardiovit CS-200 architecture also allows the implementation of new programs, future system expansion, and network integration. This system can be upgraded to include the following:

  • Vector Cardiography.
  • Pacemaker measurement.
  • 24-h ECG Holter.
  • Analysis of Ventricular Late Potentials.
  • Spirometry.
  • Ergospirometry.
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